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  • A Russian Journey

    Russia features frequently in the news nowadays, but Russia is not only about politics. Who can imagine ballet without “The Nutcracker”, the Proms concerts without “1812 Overture”, or the classical novel without “War and Peace”? All these, and more, were created in Russia by Russians. This course is an introduction to Russia, the land, its people and culture. We shall look at topics such as geography, art, music, language and religion, all in a historical context.

  • Families Get Active: Family Fit Challenge

    A fun course to help you and your family get active. Each week we'll share interesting ways to move more and enjoy getting fitter together. There'll be creative ideas, online resources and some live sessions where you can meet your tutor and other families to share your progress and ideas. Once you've completed 6 activities your family will get a certificate and be able to progress to the next level.

  • C3844782 Introduction to Mentoring - Learn to be a Mentor

    Introduction to Mentoring - learn to be a mentor.

  • C3678226 Laura Knight and the Wild North Sea

    This course will introduce students to the school of outdoor painters working in rural communities from the 1870s with reference to Staithes. Laura Knight, her early years and artistic development will be seen in this context. Between the wars Laura Knight was the most popular British painter, yet it was at Staithes that her career began. In her words and her art she vividly conveyed the life of the remarkable fisherfolk. We will explore the hardships endured by the people of the North Eastern coast's fishing communities and how their way of life inspired the art and writing of this great artist.

  • C3678494 Spirit of the North: Nordic Romantic Painters

    In Northern Europe landscape painting has a powerful hold on our visual culture, especially in Scandinavia where far northerly folk have found a kinship with nature to be indispensable. This relationship is powerfully expressed in paintings of snow and sun, rock and forest, mountain and fjord and helped confirm their difference from Mediterranean culture and to shape national identity. This lecture course is an introductory survey of Scandinavian art; a little known treasure trove of stunning images of the Northern landscape and the country people of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

  • C3678497 The Pre-Raphaelite Rebellion

    We will focus on the life and art of the three great founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood; William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais and Dante Gabriel Rossetti These artists evolved a style and a subject matter which was initially revolutionary, but has become a perennial favorite of the British, picture loving public. In this course you will find out why!

  • C3531395 What is community interpreting? Pathways taster

    A taster of community interpreting. In this session students will have an opportunity to learn about the profession of community interpreting and the courses.

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